Universal Undercoat 5L


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Pigmento Universal Undercoat is an ideal base coat for enamel based paints, or transforming enamel painted surface to an PVA/ Pure Acrylic . It is used on internal and external walls made from cement plaster; concrete; brickwork & gypsum plaster, primed metal & wooden surfaces such as door & window frames; garden furniture &garage doors etc.


8-10m² per litre

Drying Time:

At Least 24 Hours

Eco Friendly

Finish :


Additional Instructions

SURFACE PREPARATION New surface must be in good condition, primed with appropriate primer and thoroughly dry, Pigmento Universal Undercoat can be used on wood, prime steel, sealed cement, ceiling board and hardboard. Previously painted surfaces must be in sound condition, loose flaking paint must be removed and open metal spots primed with the suitable primer.
PVA Cealing White 5l
Pigmento Ceiling Paint is a superior quality PVA, which has been specifically designed for ceilings. Comes in white colours but can be tinted to various colours.
PVA Contractors White 20L
Pigmento Contractors White PVA is medium quality paint, suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces. Usually comes in white but can be tinted to various colours.
Water Based Dyes 100G
Used in staining wood, dyeing soaps and liquid soaps etc. Colours include dishwasher green, brilliant yellow, yellow, brilliant red, Lambert orange, and remazol blue.