We are the colour people

Interior and Exterior Paints

PVA and Gloss Enamel for painting wall and wooden surfaces.

Fabric Paints

Unlock your creativity with our wide range of pigments and powders for artistic painting and color runs

Tints and Dyes

Tinters for fiberglass and PVC products

Painting tools

We have a wide range of durable brushes and rollers for construction and artistic work

We are manfacturers of high quality paint products that provide a powerful finish on any surface

We also supply durable painting tools from rollers to brushes for artists

"A colourful Mess"

We have a Pigmento Product that can give a vibrant finish to any surface

"The best thing about Pigmento Paints is the life and warmth it gives to a wall it can make any house a home "

Tatenda Moyo

Download our color to see all the colors available


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