PVA Interior & Exterior 20l


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Pigmento Interior or Exterior PVA is a superior quality paint, which has been developed specifically to decorate and protect all interior and exterior surfaces. Comes in various colours that include white, pastel and deep colours.


6-8m² per litre depending on surface.

Drying Time:

At Least 24 Hours

Eco Friendly

Finish :

Shiny Finish

Additional Instructions

SURFACE PREPARATION Ensure the surface to be painted is free of any dirt ,loose particle ,grease or powder by brushing off new surface with wire brush and washing down previously painted surfaces with damp cloth or soapy water. Wipe this over with fresh water to remove traces of detergent.
Gold & Copper Powders 100g
These are fine powders that are blended with a solvent or gold base clear varnish to make an excellent metallic rich pale golden colour for decorative effects on wood, metal and fabric.
PVA Cealing White 5l
Pigmento Ceiling Paint is a superior quality PVA, which has been specifically designed for ceilings. Comes in white colours but can be tinted to various colours.
Quick Drying Red Oxide 5L
Pigmento QD Red Oxide primer is ideal for priming steel and galvanized iron surfaces prior to applying top coat. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.